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Infinite Distance: Architectural Compositions by Helen Lundeberg - Publications - Louis Stern Fine Arts

Helen Lundeberg (1908 –1999) once commented, “I think a painter must be influenced by what he sees, all the time, or even by what he conceives is around him, don’t you think?  I’ve been looking all my life.  It was one of my favorite occupations.”

 And what a supremely disciplined and inspired “looker” Ms. Lundeberg was.

In this the gallery’s second exhibition in a series exploring the work of local legend, painter Helen Lundeberg, the artist delivers a meticulous examination of interior spaces and the exteriors that they define.  Doorways, corridors, windows, arches, bridges even ‘light path(s) to the sea’ complete with morning light, evening shadow and midday sun define these imaginary locations. In these compositions, ruthlessly winnowed to the purest visual necessities and decidedly hard edge in construct and conception, Ms. Lundeberg patiently insists we see not just the view, but how she herself has felt the view. With these works, culled from a 40-year period, the artist announces no destination and, as for traveling, she has already done that for you.  All she asks is that you get yourself to the painting and let it carry you from there.    

Ms. Lundeberg’s work is included in numerous public and private collections nationally and internationally.  The gallery is the exclusive representative of the artist’s estate. 

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