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Lucien Clergue: The Intimate Picasso - Publications - Louis Stern Fine Arts

Lucien Clergue’s photographs of Picasso are social documents as much as they are portraits, reflecting a very particular time, place and sensibility in Twentieth Century history. They also reveal the nature of a friendship between artists: an unwavering respect and affection betwixt the photographer artist and his subject, the most influential artist of the twentieth century.  For all of the images conjured by the name Picasso, it is rare to see him presented as Lucien Clergue captures him:  human, generous and humane. 

These candid, curious shots of Picasso going about the business of being alive are definitely created by a poet.  (Very early on in Lucien’s career, Jean Cocteau, one of his first employers and, along with Picasso, devoted mentors, correctly labeled him a “poet with a camera.)  After viewing this collection of images, it seems only appropriate that such a “poet” should be one of the few allowed to take pictures of such an artist.

Lucien Clergue is an internationally renowned photographer whose work is included in numerous public and private collections.  A hardbound 104-page catalogue accompanies this exhibition.

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